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A bit about us

A look into the people and studio of Wolveridge Architects

Wolveridge Architects is a medium sized architectural studio that is internationally recognised for its highly considered projects and how they integrate with their environments. We are interested in exploring ideas surrounding context and how it can inform the design response.

The practice was established in Melbourne in 2000 by its principal architect and director, Jeremy Wolveridge, following his extended periods of travel and working for some years as an architect with established firms in London and Port Douglas.

The practice headquarters are located at the United Tannery and Boot Factory, a converted 19th century boot making factory in Collingwood, Melbourne’s inner city post-industrial precinct. Wolveridge Architects retains a regional presence in Port Douglas, far north Queensland and are registered to practice also in Tasmania and Western Australia.

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Sustainability and sophistication all in the same breath

Inherent in our approach to any design is the consideration for sustainable principles as a core focus. At the basic level, this means that aspects such as solar passive design, consideration for cross ventilation, incorporation of thermal massing and highly insulative building envelopes remain at the forefront of our thinking. Since day one, we’ve focused on sophisticated design solutions that integrate sustainability with architecture as the basis for creating comfortable and practical environments.
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Contemporary technology, contemporary design

Wolveridge Architects employs a range of technology throughout the architectural process to both aid in the creative process and effectively communicate design & technical concepts. Technology at Wolveridge Architects is embraced by all staff as a means to make the design process moer efficient and to express and test ideas in a way most appropriate to the design. These processes are never mutually exclusive and a combination of sketching and Computer Aided Design (CAD) are present throughout the design process as well as a range of other complementary technologies.
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What our clients say


I cannot recommend Wolveridge Architects highly enough. Fully alive to the brief from the outset, Jerry worked collaboratively to present us with ideas that took us way beyond our original imaginings.

Working within the tight constraints of both limited space and a heritage protected house, Jerry delivered a seamless melding of both old and new that magically accentuates the best of both. The overall design is masterful. The in situ concrete table is, quite simply, incredible and a genius response to our very first discussion. The small details - a floating concrete step; an exposed, internal section of nineteenth century brickwork (to name but two of many) are testament to the considered and inspired thinking.

The project was managed brilliantly by Brett and the rest of the team and executed with minimal fuss and to the highest standards. Every question and concern was responded to thoughtfully and with an eye on the budget. The result is stunning. it is a beautiful space to live in. It is a beautiful home.
Richard Molloy Wellington Wall 2019
To design our second, much larger brewery we selected Wolveridge Architects, primarily upon the recommendation from our builder whom we had engaged to build our first brewery but also because Wolveridge had completed some interesting projects that we felt fitted well with our overall brand and vision. Jerry, Will and the Wolveridge team exceeded our expectations and delivered a product that is now seen as a fantastic asset within Far North Queensland’s hospitality space.
During the planning stages, Jerry and Will provided us with a high degree of creative ideas and solutions around the space that we had to work with. Our project was located within an iconic Heritage listed building and we were confronted with a larger than normal amount of EHP challenges. The Wolveridge team navigated their way through these challenges with utmost professionalism and we were extremely pleased with the final product. We would have no hesitation in recommending Wolveridge.

Tony Fyfe, CEO & Co Founder Hemingway’s Brewery Hemingway's Brewery 2018
"The Wolveridge team took our brief and interpreted it into something really beautiful. With a young family and a requirement for space that we can all enjoy being in together, but the desire for some quiet spaces to retreat to – the outcome has far exceeded our expectations. After living in the finished product for the first year, it is exciting to see that all the spaces are used and enjoyed at different times. The planning and design was meticulous and has resulted in the house being stunning, with interesting features that we all still enjoy being surprised by, but with a functional aspect that makes living in it easy and enjoyable. Whilst looking great and being very functional the materials selected have also been appropriate for the spaces, with a level of durability that has survived a boisterous family. From the beginning of this project we felt really confident in the decisions that Wolveridge helped us make, or at times made for us and we felt very lucky to have them managing this project. We would not hesitate to recommend them to friends or family and we still miss the contact that we had with this amazing team. Thank you Wolveridge." Doug & Indi Backyard Bungalow 2017
“Wolveridge came highly recommended by one of our friends; we were after someone who could turn the rabbit warren feel of an old Victorian into something more streamlined and contemporary, while still retaining the house’s elegant proportions. We love what Jerry & his team came up with. The new user-friendly spaces with their contemporary design elements sit beautifully within our 19th Century Terrace, additionally Jerry incorporated clever design to disguise the less elegant, utilitarian parts of the traditional "back of house". The Wolveridge team were always unfailingly professional and an absolute pleasure to work with.“ B & C East Melbourne 2016
“We wanted to create a home for ourselves drawing on our vast building experience and love of the area with an architect who has a passion for creating beautiful built form and spaces which would not only fulfil our needs but rather enrich our lives. Our research and experience with many architects over many years led us to Wolveridge.
People often ask us if we could alter anything about the house, what we would alter. Our answer is nothing!

All in all, our house is simply stunning and not only meets but overwhelmingly exceeds our initial vision and design brief. We feel extremely proud of our house and absolutely love the home we have created." Vicki and Steve Tranquility Beach House 2015
"It’s been a joy working with Wolveridge Architects, the team went above and beyond. We have loved getting the updates and snaps throughout the process. We love, love, LOVE the finished product." Julie and John Sorrento
“I would absolutely recommend Wolveridge Architects to family and friends. The process of designing and constructing a house is one that is surprisingly complicated. By engaging highly skilled professionals like Wolveridge Architects, the process becomes enjoyable and as a client, you can both relax and embrace all the fun and exciting parts. Jerry and the team were able to pick up my personal design preferences from both imagery I provided and our various discussions. Jerry and the team brought new ideas, passion and energy to the project which was both reassuring and enjoyable. It was a pleasure to watch Jerry sketch ideas and concepts right in front of me as we discussed ideas. This was not only impressive, but it helped us make decisions and keep momentum with our tight design timeframes. We were very happy with the service Wolveridge provided. Jerry and the team worked to a tight project timeline, and their communication and punctuality with hitting targets was very impressive. I can’t wait to work with Jerry and the team again on another project.” Steve O'Neill Thornbury 2014
“A remarkable outcome. We have a family home which we think is superbly comfortable, functional and extremely beautiful. Jerry understood us so well and the level of service and professionalism from him and the team made the whole process a great pleasure.” Natalie and Steve Northcote Project 2014
"When we started the process, we knew what we didn't want but not exactly what we did want. There is a huge role in interpretation from the side of the architects and we felt that Jerry and Ricky excelled here. We found it of great benefit to have a trusted party manage the build process and appreciated having a team that was always ‘on’ and available in regard to the build. We feel very lucky and privileged to have a Wolveridge designed house. The outcome surpassed all expectations!" Suzie and Tim Courtyard Cottage, 2016
“You and your team have managed to capture the feel of exactly what we were after - raw, a simple escape, in complete contrast from our city house. lt is unique and beyond comparison. Upon reflection the design period was smoothly managed by you and Ricky. We always felt confident that all was in order and well managed. The enthusiasm with which you approached the project and brought up new ideas and concepts was marvelous. Working together with you as a team we have been able to bring our aspirations to reality.” Phil and Virginia Eltham South 2013
“We have now had Wolveridge Architects design three houses for our family and each one of them have been amazing homes to live in and fantastic building experiences….it is not often that you find yourself sitting in a room and simply enjoying it for the space it is, enjoying the space that has been considered for you to live in. It may on the surface look like a costly decision to head down the architectural path, but the advantages of having an architect like Wolveridge Architects design your home, are nothing but rewarding personally and financially. To have an architect complete a full design from a simple brief was invaluable.” Mark and Briohny
“We first noticed Wolveridge when my husband noticed a property being built on a very ordinary block of land. The house had a very impressive design which enhanced the block greatly. From our first meeting with Jeremy we knew we had made the right choice as he listened to our wants and needs and designed accordingly. His designs are unique and functional and he is well known for his visually stunning coastal designed homes. Jeremy and the team at Wolveridge are an absolute pleasure to work with and their professionalism is unsurpassed. We are now in our new home and are 100% happy, so much so that he is now designing house number 3 for us.” Phillip & Diana Roseneath Residences, Sorrento 2012
“The creative team was brilliant and we loved the initial design so much that there was minimal variation to that design. The team at WA were accommodating, professional and encouraging of ideas and requirements we had for the interior….we recommend Jerry and his team very highly and if we were ever to undertake another residential project, Jerry would be our first call.” Becca & Scott Torquay House 2012
“As builders specializing in Architectural housing it has been an absolute pleasure working with Wolveridge Architects. On a business level the team from Wolveridge Architects, Jerry, Sina & Tjeerd were always available to deal with any questions or work through any resolutions, their decision making and administration is done efficiently resulting in a cohesive and smooth running project.” John Walker, Master Builders Torquay House 2012
“We had a great experience working with Wolveridge Architects. From the brief to the concept, final design and execution, the process was seamless. Jeremy is a great listener, receptive to feedback and flexible but always careful to maintain the integrity of the design and his overall aesthetic vision for the project. We couldn’t be happier with the process and the result and we would definitely work with them again on future projects.” Susan and Justin
"Our association and experience with Wolveridge Architects has been very enjoyable and rewarding. We found particularly helpful Jerry's ability to sketch concepts while we talked enabling us to visualise and explore various design alternatives. The outcome was very pleasing: our vision and brief had been transformed into a stylish, modern, comfortable, family home, more than worthy of the fabulous greenfield site.” Camilla and Joby
“…like any relationship it takes one party to be the rational one, that’s Jeremy. He is the level headed listener, the creative one that interprets what you want as a client, and molds that with his aesthetic to give you what you think you want. Jeremy and I have done three houses together now, (he also designed a house for my parents) so it would be fair to say I like what he does. In both cases I used builders that Jeremy had researched and recommended, both houses came in on budget and without grief from unhappy builders.” Sean Cussell Dune House 2010, Trent Jones Drive House 2008
“Our first meeting with Jerry was very exciting. We happily explained how we lived our lives and how we wanted the house plans to suit us and our dog. Within weeks Jerry showed us his designs and we were instantly impressed without too many changes all went into place. Jerry has such an eye for detail, the choices for material internally and externally were just that little bit different and his confidence in them made our decision easier, this is what makes Wolveridge Architects so unique.” Simon & Katrina