Studies in context, materiality and plan, reflective of human behaviour.

Heritage House

Location:Wurundjeri (Camberwell)
Team:Camilla McBeath, Jerry Wolveridge, Qutaibah Al-Atafi
Photography:Derek Swallwell

Located in a heritage area, this home required a sensitive response to its context, not to mention nimble planning, as the site itself is very compact. The result is a whole lot of house on a small plot, with a second storey integrated into the roof, creating an undulating form that engages with the side laneway. Landscaping in the entry landing area softens the building, as well as connecting it to the garden, while a material palette of dark heritage pressed brick, slate and grey stucco complement its urban aesthetic. Inside, the kitchen is finished in solid timber, as is the three-storey staircase, and dark brick is peppered throughout, from the entry wall to the fireplace chimney.