Studies in context, materiality and plan, reflective of human behaviour.

Our appreciation of natural landform and deep connection to site is underpinned by the respect we have for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of being. We recognise the world’s oldest living culture and their means of living harmoniously across this land for thousands of years.

Wolveridge Architects crafts highly considered environmentally responsive projects that are always respectful of place. We are committed to sustainable design and exploring ideas that prioritise context, whether in rural or urban settings. The practice was founded by principal architect and director Jerry Wolveridge in 2000. Will Smart joined the practice in 2013 and moved into the role of Director in 2023. The two lead the medium-sized team in creating residential and commercial projects that enrich the lives of our clients. A hands-on ethos typifies the Wolveridge Architects approach, fuelled by a thorough briefing process, in-depth investigations of place and the incorporation of passive environmentally sustainable design principles.

Will Smart, Director

Will Smart


Coming across Wolveridge Architects in 2011, Christchurch-born Will Smart commented to a friend, ‘One day I’ll work there’. Two years later, the University of Auckland graduate reached out to Jerry and joined the Wolveridge Architects team as Project Architect, moving into the role of Associate and Shareholder in 2017, Associate Director in 2020 and Director in 2023. Will worked in Perth previously, where his passion for bespoke residential architecture began. It continues today and his experience at Wolveridge has strengthened an interest in context-driven design and material exploration, which has evolved organically through working alongside Jerry. Working across all stages of the architecture process, Will places high value on the client experience and acknowledges that all projects have their challenges while ensuring the process is honest, open and enjoyable for all.

Jerry Wolveridge, Director

Jerry Wolveridge


After graduating from Deakin University in 1995, Jeremy Wolveridge worked in Port Douglas and London before returning to his hometown of Melbourne, where he established Wolveridge Architects in 2000. Time spent travelling, living and working in different regions honed his respect for natural landform, local thinking and the understanding of designing for place, which underscores all that he does today. A longstanding commitment to sustainability defines his unaffected, raw aesthetic and prioritises the process as much as the outcome. For the past dozen years, Jerry has lived in The Hill Plains House, an off-grid home he designed and built with his life partner and fellow architect Christina Theodorou and their children.

Having a down-to-earth attitude and genuine care for clients are prerequisites for working at Wolveridge Architects. We leave our egos at the door and get down to the business of doing what we love, having fun along the way and never shying away from showing our human side. The practice comprises architects from diverse backgrounds, all of whom contribute their extensive experience to the creation of projects that acknowledge people and place.

Directors Jerry Wolveridge and Will Smart lead the design process with a clear focus on transparency and respect, remaining a constant throughout all stages, alongside a dedicated team of capable project architects.