Studies in context, materiality and plan, reflective of human behaviour.

Courtyard Residence

Location:Bullanatoolong (Sorrento)
Team:Jessica Corbett, Jerry Wolveridge, Will Smart
Photography:Derek Swallwell

The design for this speculative home was conceived with a broad range of occupants in mind and a rich, warm material palette that reflects themes of coastal living. Part of a series of beachside houses, Courtyard Residence is arranged around a number of courtyards, creating a sense of intimacy and privacy. Natural stone floors with a tumbled edge, soft earthy rendered walls and handmade Japanese mosaics characterise the interior, while the beautifully expressed nail and board formwork of the rammed earth spine wall highlights the design’s craftsmanship. The home is also sustainability-focused, with integrated passive solar shading and a large portion of the footprint able to be shut off thermally when certain areas are not in use.