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A Harmony of established and innovative tools

Contemporary technology, contemporary design

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Wolveridge Architects employs a range of technology throughout the architectural process to both aid in the creative process and effectively communicate design & technical concepts. Technology at Wolveridge Architects is embraced by all staff as a means to make the design process more efficient and to express and test ideas in a way most appropriate to the design. These processes are never mutually exclusive and a combination of sketching and Computer Aided Design (CAD) are present throughout the design process as well as a range of other complementary technologies.

Pen & Paper

Every design begins with hand drawings and sketching remains embedded within our process throughout the duration of the design and during construction. Wolveridge Architects utilise hand drawing for its ability to quickly visualise ideas, often in conjunction with tracing paper as an iterative tool for testing and experimentation. As digital drawings become more detailed, hand drawings are increasingly important to extract and express the essence of an idea and are useful to bring clarity in even the most technical conversation.

3D BIM Software

Wolveridge Architects has used ArchiCAD 3D BIM software to accurately model and document buildings since the practice was established. All architectural staff are highly trained in its use so that the designers are also responsible for the full documentation of a project. ArchiCAD works by constructing a building virtually in three dimensions and generating traditional 2D drawings from a single source, limiting opportunities for inconsistencies and streamlining the documentation process to leave more time for design. The software distinguishes between different building elements and materials to intelligently resolve complex junctions, automate schedules and provide accurate information for construction.

Virtual Reality

By virtualising a building in three dimensions, clients, contractors and consultants are able to utilise a range of software and hardware to bring the building to their fingertips before it’s constructed. ArchiCAD BIMX provides an accessible means for sharing a 3D model throughout the design process and can operate on laptops and tablets as an invaluable resource during construction. Wolveridge Architects also provides a more advanced virtual reality via a HTC Vive headset to provide clients with a fully immersive spatial experience.

“The VR technology was an invaluable tool for us during design stage. It would be difficult to contemplate developing another project without it.”
Hemingways Brewery, 2018