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Sustainability and sophistication all in the same breath

Inherent in our approach to any design is the consideration for sustainable principles as a core focus. At the basic level, this means that aspects such as solar passive design, consideration for cross ventilation, incorporation of thermal massing and highly insulative building envelopes remain at the forefront of our thinking. Since day one, we’ve focused on sophisticated design solutions that integrate sustainability with architecture as the basis for creating comfortable and practical environments.

Passive solutions

Wolveridge Architects are highly experienced in dealing with challenging pieces of land where, for example terrific views may also coincide with a westerly orientation. We understand a client’s desire to maximise their view, so how do we reconcile this and manage the overheating of the dwelling in summer and the massive heat loss in winter? In this instance, the architectural form should be prescribed by devices that keep the sun off the western windows for as long as physically possible and, given the often extreme weather on the west side, we look for opportunities to provide protected outdoor spaces on the other side of the dwelling, but ensure they can still enjoy the view.

Off-Grid Living

Jerry Wolveridge and his family constructed their home, The Hill Plains House in 2009-10 which is a home that has no grid connected services. As the family grows, there is constant learning about climate and weather which links us closer to our environment. We think that buildings which are responsibly designed in respect of ESD principles are like yachts, you sail them, constantly tune them with the changes in the surrounding environment to maximise the performance and comfort levels of any building.

Living off the grid is now becoming recognised as a high value proposition for properties, obviously in reduced running costs, but recognised in terms of high re-sale values that, just a few years ago were not.

Wolveridge Architects are interested in creating not just rural off grid environments, but urban off grid environments – for the workplace as well as the home.

Supporting Nightingale Apartments

Wolveridge Architects were proud to participate as a financial investor in Nightingale 1, by Breathe Architecture which was completed in late 2017. 

The Nightingale model is a triple bottom line development, where homes are environmentally, socially and financially sustainable. The goal of Nightingale is to provide quality housing at an affordable price by simplifying both the development process and the building itself.

Wolveridge Architects obtained their license to design their own Nightingale Project late in 2017 and, following a busy year, we are actively looking for sites.  If you are interested in being part of our Nightingale project Please contact us here

For more information about Nightingale projects, please visit the NG website